Meet the Team


Michelle - Owner, Registered DietiTian and instructor

Michelle is a registered dietitian (RD) who has worked in the dialysis field for almost 20 years. Her “side hustle” for the past 14 years has been teaching classes at 24 Hour Fitness namely Zumba, Zumba Toning and Cardio Hip Hop. She created this business as a safe space for her curvy patients and designed two original formats especially for Curvy Love clients focused on gentle yet challenging group exercise classes (Curvy Boot Camp and Sit and Sweat). 


Jessica - Yoga Instructor

Jessica Rihal is a plus-sized yoga instructor (200-HR) and a strong advocate of fitness/wellness for all bodies. She believes that all bodies can be and deserve to be celebrated through movement and enjoys doing so by teaching students how to adapt yoga to the body they’re in today with no “end goal”. Through yoga, Jessica has been able to reconnect with her own body and discovered her passion for movement and exercise for the pure joy of it and is dedicated to helping others rebuild and redefine their connection to movement and exercise.


Shari - Instructor

Integrative medicine and Holistic or natural health have been my passion since high school. After achieving my bachelor degree in public health in 1999, improving people’s lives and diseases prevention kept me motivated to study more and more. The passion of Yoga guided me to learn more and start teaching private and group yoga classes in Maryland since 2004. In 2007, I become motivated to learn more about integrative yoga therapy and became a certified yoga therapist. Next, my passion for holistic health and yoga directed me to keep learning about Natural health and continue studying and practicing what I learn. Finally, I become graduated as a doctor of Traditional Naturopathy in Dec. 2015. Due to a family matter, my family and I moved from MD to Ca in 2016. My passion for health and fitness never stopped me and it drove me to start teaching fitness aerobic classes at LA Fitness in CA. Finally, I Love to serve my class attendants as a healer in a holistic natural way.


Mia - Instructor

Zumba Low-Impact

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Margaret - Instructor

Margaret is a firm believer that everyone can dance (and doesn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to)! She has participated in dance and dance fitness classes for as long as she can remember. Two years ago, she stepped out of her comfort zone to train as a UJam instructor. She taught for over a year before a knee injury sidelined her. Luckily though, she discovered Werq Dance Fitness, fell in love with the great music, choreography and energy she experienced in her first class and instantly signed up to become a certified instructor! Now she wants to share her love of this format with you at this fabulous new body positive studio.

Mary-Strong30 by Zumba.jpg

Tina - Instructor

Tina began her journey with UJAM Fitness in 2014 after her battle with breast cancer. She needed to reclaim her new self, and found a format that was challenging yet fun. Tina later became a certified UJAM instructor in September, 2017. Tina believes that cardio dance fitness lets people express themselves while getting in a heart pounding workout at the same time. She loves seeing her students smiling and dancing, and then taking that energy out to their personal life. Tina believes fitness can and should be accessible for everyone and is so grateful to teach, share, and learn from her community.


Michelle - Yoga

Michelle is a yogi, herbalist, and big believer that love & laughter are amazing medicines all on their own. It is her belief that there is healing and magic to be experienced in movement at all levels. A practitioner of self love and acceptance, her journey with yoga has been both life altering, and affirming. This is what has brought her into teaching; to help facilitate the journey of wellness and vibrancy to others.


Mary - Strong30 by Zumba and BollyX