Nutrition Services

If any change in diet is desired by a client (for whatever reason), Michelle Mearsch is a registered dietitian with an office within the Curvy Love Fit Hub studio and is available to counsel clients.
Some reasons to see a registered dietitian include (but are not limited to):
✅ Improved blood chemistries like…
    ↔️better diabetic glucose control
    ⬇️lower levels of “bad” cholesterol
    ⬆️higher levels of “good” cholesterol (yes there is good cholesterol!)
    ⬇️lower triglycerides
✅ Improved hypertension by ⬇️ lowering blood pressure and salt intake
✅ Doctor recommended weight loss*

*NOTE: Michelle uses the Intuitive Eating method for weight loss and weight management. No trendy or fad diet is EVER promoted at Curvy Love. Did you know research has proven that diets simply don’t work? Almost all diets have over a 90% failure rate (site source). Diets are temporary but intuitive eating is natural and can be maintained forever!

RD Rates
Initial 90-minute consultation=$120
45-minute follow-up visits=$60 each

Email to check schedule availability at

Curvy Love Fit Hub

482 El Camino Real
Old Town Tustin, CA 92780

IG @curvylovefit
FB page: Curvy Love Fit Hub